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Innovative Methods. Deep Insights.

At Libran Research LLC, your business comes first. We tailor all our services to suit each client, because no two businesses are alike. Our experts develop ideas that solve our clients’ most complex and pressing organizational challenges. Below are just a few of the ways we can help you grow.

Group Meeting

Qualitative Research

Deepen Your Understanding

From focus groups to online bulletin boards, our expert moderators draw deep insights from target respondents.  We utilize traditional in-person techniques as well as online chats or communities to engage your customer, consumer or stakeholder.  From advertising development to UX research, we understand how to uncover emotions and unleash insights.

Making Notes

Quantitative Research - UX/CX

Measure Impact

Whether you are tracking customer experience or identifying a new target, our trained researchers can help you understand how your brand is perceived or positioned. From online or mobile, to telephone or intercept, our quantitative data collection services identify the best way to reach your target.


Strategic Planning and Consulting Services

Set Your Strategy

Libran Research's strategy and consulting services can help a company take insights to the next level. We help to develop strategies that deliver results.

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